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    Who this Affects:

    Many people who were conditionally approved for a Weight Loss Grant had their final grant applications rejected by the Weight Loss Grants Organization.

    What's the Problem:

    Common allegations against the Weight Loss Grants Organization include that the rules and regulations used to reject applications were put into place AFTER an individual completed the program, and that participants relied on specific instructions from WLGO representatives regarding weigh out procedures or deadlines and were rejected despite following the instructions provided.

    Can I participate in this lawsuit:

    If you were conditionally approved for a Weight Loss Grant from the Weight Loss Grants Organization and had your application rejected within the last two years, we want to hear from you.

    How to get started:

    If you believe your Weight Loss Grant was unfairly rejected, register using the contact form above. Carr Paralegal will contact you to collect further details and arrange a meeting.
    Special rates are available for groups of individuals with similar facts – see the FAQ‘s for more details.

    Recent Outcomes:

    February 19, 2020:
    On February 12, 2020 we attended the Small Claims Court in Toronto and successfully obtained a Judgment against both WLGO and Dalewood Health & Wellness, carrying on business as Trillium Weight Loss.  The Judgment included the full amount the Plaintiff expected to receive for their grant plus an award for Court and legal expenses.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Plaintiffs who meet the criteria for First Round Flat Rate Pricing will pay a flat rate of $500 plus HST for legal representation, plus necessary disbursements estimated at $78-$400/Plaintiff.

    When a Plaintiff is successful in proving their case at trial, they can request a cost award which is customarily granted.  A cost award is divided into two categories: costs, or disbursements, and a representation fee.  Costs refer to necessary expenses such as Court filing fees, photocopying, and couriers.  The Court usually orders the unsuccessful party to pay the successful party’s costs.  Representation fees for a successful Plaintiff are limited under the Courts of Justice Act to 15% of the amount awarded (for example a $2,000 award would have representation fees capped at $300).  In some circumstances a successful party may be able to receive a “double cost” award.

    There are never guarantees in litigation.  If the facts of your case are similar to the facts of a previously decided case, there is a strong chance that your result will be similar.  However, no two cases are 100% identical.  Different cases may have different outcomes for a variety of reasons.

    Former clients of Weight Loss Grants Organization who
    -weighed out BEFORE April 18, 2019, and
    -received a notice of rejection within the last two years, and
    -were advised their rejection was based on not weighing out on a specific date, and
    -complete a registration form by March 15, 2020

    Results of litigation can never be guaranteed.  However, Carr Paralegal, the paralegal firm representing the Plaintiff’s in these actions, has a good track record of realistically estimating outcomes.  The amount of your claim is the amount of the grant that you applied for and did not receive.

    You may still have a claim against Weight Loss Grants Organization.  If a group of potential Plaintiffs have similar fact scenarios (i.e. their grants were denied for the same reason), additional categories of flat rate pricing may be made available. 

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